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Full Body $35
Techno Tan (develops in 2 hrs)

Flashtan Original is perfect for tanners looking for a quick spray on tan fix, without compromising on quality. FlashTan Original is an easy to use tanning solution. Ready to wash off in only 2 hours, while a beautiful bronzed tan develops through the next 24 hours. It is specially formulated with natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, Kakadu plum, as well as Certified Organic Herbal. FlashTan Original will result in rich bronze shades.

NB. Prices are subject to change


TechnoTan is a family owned and operated business that first started trading in 2001 in Western Australia. TechnoTan was developed as a safe UV free alternative to the dangerous and damaging effects of sun tanning and was one of the first Spray on Tan companies in Australia.
From its humble beginnings in Perth, TechnoTan has now grown to be the leading Spray on Tan service provider within Australia and one of the most recognisable Spray on Tan companies in the world, leading the market with the latest technologies and continually superseding competitors in quality and service.
TechnoTan have developed a range of unique blends in 16 shades to suit all skin types. All TechnoTan's tanning solutions are created using the finest naturally derived botanical and certified organic ingredients. Adding to this, TechnoTan also have one of the largest ranges of pre-care, after-care, tan enhancement and retail accessories on the market